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Limoncello Spritz

Limoncello Spritz

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250ml - 4.2% ABV - 0.8 Standard Drinks

Introducing "Australia's first ever Limoncello Spritz in a can!"

Our Limoncello Spritz is a refreshing and zesty blend of our Limoncello with a modern twist. 

Our recipe is crafted from real lemons and modern mixology, passed down through generations of our family. Each sip delivers a burst of citrusy flavour that's balanced with a hint of sweetness and a crisp, fizzy finish. Rather than using a wine base, we prefer to use a spirit base, to give it a bit more freshness and taste.

Best served chilled, our Limoncello Spritz is perfect for sipping on a sunny day, lounging around, or sharing with friends at a gathering. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or impress your guests, our Limoncello Spritz is the perfect addition to any occasion. So go ahead, indulge in the taste of Italy and experience the magic of our beverage for yourself. 

We've made these a cool calm 0.8 standard drinks so you can really enjoy our Limoncello Spritz all day! #drinkresponsibly 

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